It’s no secret that 2020 was a year plagued with challenges for businesses all over the world and here in Devon it’s been no different. From a not-too-distant time where meetings could be held face-to-face, to life going ‘on-line’; one of our greatest obstacles has been how we continue to find outstanding candidates for our clients.

Savvy businesses have stipulated even more defined briefs over the last eight months with the focus on virtual recruitment driving our customers to expect the same committed approach we’ve always provided, remotely.

This expectation required a solution beyond just “plugging the gap”. We wanted something that had longevity and actually worked for our customers and candidates. If this is to be the new-normal, RyderSlade wanted to champion a permanent solution, delivering a seamless virtual experience that goes beyond papering over the cracks and moves towards a new way to recruit.

After gritting our teeth through the first pandemic back in April, like so many other businesses had to, using a host of off the shelf options to continue as normally as possible we then set out to find the solution. A solution which would give us the functionality to provide a feature-enriched service that would still give clients the RyderSlade experience during trying times.

Providing a solution that puts us a step ahead

So, what did we need this new software to offer, that would allow us to recruit as we did pre-pandemic? We listened to our candidates and clients, what they valued about our service before the world was turned upside down and we went to work. We found the perfect software which allows our clients 360 access to the RyderSlade experience.

It’s an accessible, easy to use, multi-platform solution. It gives our clients a whole host of ways to interact with potential aspirants; from real-time, live interviews just as they would have conducted before, to pre-recorded interviews which allow businesses to ask the questions they want answering and review it at their leisure to fit around their ever-changing schedule.

Whether you’re taking on the extra responsibility of home-schooling or the demand of a busier virtual schedule, RyderSlade’s new recruitment journey is accessible whenever you need it to be. You can watch pre-recorded interviews in your own time and share between colleagues a CV that has been brought to life. Rather than receiving reems of documents, it gives the candidate chance to talk with thought and passion. This allows them to forefront their skills, goals, and interests in working and developing at your company in their own words.

It’s incredibly easy for us to say that we believe we’re re-defining the recruitment journey. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve continued to receive five-star reviews, which is testimony not only to our 35 years in the industry, but also to our accessible, adaptable, and flexible new approach.

Case Study

The brief

We were instructed to recruit 10 customer service temps at short notice with a tight deadline. The client wanted to interview for key roles to the business, but the entire team of managers were working remotely and on different shifts, needing a Covid secure way to conduct the process.

The solution

Within in a matter of days, interview questions were agreed, and short candidate interviews were recorded and sent across for the client’s perusal. Each candidate’s CV and recorded interview were linked so that the customer had full visibility of the candidate’s abilities, personality, and goals. The managers were able to view these when time permitted and could pool feedback and make their selection. The bonus? They recruited every single one of them!

What the client said

“The new interview software RyderSlade are using is brilliant. We sent RyderSlade a list of questions for candidates to answer and they did the rest. Less than 24 hours later, we had a number of different videos to watch and could easily pick out the best candidates for the role. We were able to watch the video and review the CV on the same screen which is a very useful feature. We managed to fill a number of posts significantly faster than ever before and with staff we know will be a good fit.” – Customer Service Manager.

What about you?

We can see how clients and candidates are benefiting from our new outlook. Everyone who is using the software can see the difference too. All that leaves is you. Why not contact RyderSlade in 2021 getting access to our fantastic candidate base, our combined industry knowledge and a ground-breaking system that’s changing the face of recruitment?