Our 3rd business birthday this week almost coincides with a year of living with Covid in all our lives.


This photograph was taken from March 2020 when we were celebrating being Finalists at the fabulous Exeter Living Awards. It’s hard to believe that only 11 days later we were in Lockdown and, like so many businesses, forced to rethink all of our exciting business plans.


I can remember, as we celebrated our 2nd birthday, the pride we felt about how far we had come, it was all so genuinely exciting.


However, as we reflected on our 3rd year in business it gave us the opportunity to realise that it is this year that we should be most proud of. Running a business in good times is hard, running a business through difficult times is one of the biggest challenges either of us have faced!


Without a doubt the most important thing we have learned during year three is confirmation of our “Why”. Why we do what we do and why we love it.


*We love helping candidates find a new role- it is still the best feeling to offer a candidate a job you know they really want! The advice and support that goes into this has always been part of what we do, but this year it has been a privilege to be able to support more candidates than ever with CV advice, interview coaching, job hunting tips and share our knowledge.


*We love helping clients grow their teams and recruit that vital person you know is going to make a big impact! What were already strong relationships with our clients have taken on a new depth through honest and open conversations about each of our experiences over the last 12 months; helping to advise about various recruitment options and ways to get the most out of remote recruitment as well as the simple, but so impactful act of catching up.


So, while this business birthday won’t be celebrated by massive parties or ticking off our business goals and smashing revenue targets, we are proud, optimistic and more certain than ever of our WHY.